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New extra virgin olive oil is now ready!
Rush to be the first to get your free sample of the 2011 season!

etichetta olio

ly is an extra virgin oil cold extracted from "cultivar" (plant quality) Frantoio,Pendolino, grown in Montefiore Conca located in the surronding of Riccione and Cattolica beaches at 385 meters above sea level. Our olives are hand-picked in the early days of November of each year, and worked in the shortest time only by cold process. Our oil lies away from light and decanted to separate the naturally impurities,characteristic of our not filtered oil,any deposit that forms on the bottom is a regular feature of not filtered oil. ly is an extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity, green/gold color and an intense aroma with a pleasant aftertaste with rich aromatic notes. Our production is still limited but with excellent quality, our extra vergin oil is reserved for personal consumption and to few connoisseurs friends .
Appreciated by those who love the genuine flavors that enhance the taste of foods, ly is the ideal complement on pasta and bread.

In the heart of Romagna, behind the beaches of the Adriatic Riviera, on the hills of Montefeltro,Casa San Felice grown olive trees and produces extra virgin olive oil in Montefiore Conca;in the culture of the Romagna region,olive plant cultivation and consumption of olive oil is present in the valley of Conca river since the Middle Ages.The extra virgin oils produced in this area are generally sweet and light and are affected by the proximity of the sea.

Casa San Felice does not sell its oil in the shops, but it offers free sample direct to consumers by the formula "test and taste";our aim is to promote the consumption of Italian extra virgin olive oil and to give a fair value to all small and local extra virgin olive oil producers.

Order a free sample and you can appreciate the difference between a real Italian extra virgin olive oil and an oil of unknown origin that is available in your store .

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